Comparing The Best Coffees You Can Brew At Home

For more coffee information, we’ve looked at coffee bean machines, espresso machines, pod machines, coffee pots, coffee grinders, and reusable coffee mugs, and we’ve also found our guide to all types of coffee machines in our roundup of the best coffee machines. Whether you’re looking for beans to spice up your local coffee.

With the incredible explosion of coffee in every market, it can be hard to narrow down the boundaries of what beans to buy and brew. For our search in a sea of ??delicious coffees available for purchase online, we have limited ourselves to mostly coffee blends (and one or two ground varieties) to narrow the playing field, as we believe buying whole grains is the cheapest for the average person consumer.

Comparing The Best Coffees Can Be Brewed At Home

We’ve done a lot of comparisons of coffee beans, but we’re always surprised by how many look the same. So we’re doing another one.

The easiest way to buy coffee is from coffee suppliers. You can usually find many different varieties of ground coffee, with different origins and blends, in a wide range of stores. But how often do you really go out and try some of these coffees? We conducted our own taste test to see if there are any better options at home.

Our testers used different brands and brewing methods (coffee pots, French press, Chemex) to try all the coffees:

You might be excited that our testers were able to taste every single variety of coffee on sale; but we bet you didn’t try them all out. However, we still have a good idea about what makes for great tasting coffee — which is why we did this taste test:

While it’s true that coffees vary greatly in quality, there are a few things that can be said with confidence about the best tasting ones: they are all fresh roasted, they are all made in or near roasting countries, and they use high quality equipment. And yet even most of them will cost more than $2 per cup:

You might wonder whether you need this knowledge when choosing your favorite brand. The answer is yes! A good relationship with your barista could make the difference between getting a bad cup or getting a great one. The best way for anyone interested in supporting local farmers and making fresh-roasted coffee at home is to buy whole beans directly from the roaster instead of buying pre-ground bags from a coffee suppliers.


A lot has been written about the best way to brew coffee. The common message is that a good coffee drinker can make an excellent cup of coffee, but that it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice. We’ve been brewing coffee for many years and we can tell you one thing: It’s not easy! But there are some things in life that are simply worth the effort. First, your coffee needs to be top-notch; second, you need to be consistent (which means each morning you need to brew exactly the same amount of coffee); and third, you need to know how much water to use (an old saying is “you get what you pay for”); fourth, and lastly, there’s no substitute for cleanliness; if your cup doesn’t look like this when it’s finished then your brew is probably contaminated with something that will make it bitter or putrefy (which means your taste buds have been infected by bad bacteria).

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