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About Wonders park

 It is one of the best and leading amusement parks in Mumbai with the latest high-technology rides along with other miniatures, which include Seven Wonders of the World. This park is situated in Nerul and was inaugurated by Agriculture Minister Mr.Sharad Pawar in Dec 2012. In starting, first 2 days were free for people, but then after the 3-day, people had to pay entry fees to enjoy the rides in the parks.People who want to enjoy park can take tickets from outside window and it needs to be checked by a security guard for entrance.

During the entry time, there is a huge crowd, and it does need some amount of efficiency in managing it. The management needs to play in this regard as there is much scope of improvement in this massive project. In addition to this, the civic sense of the people also needs to be highlighted as they need to take care of this wonderful place.

Main attraction of Wonders Park

The main attractions of Wonders Park are Seven Wonders of the World sculptures, which are placed near to each other when you enter into the park. People will also come across with metal plaques which are shown in front of all wonders describing their history in brief. People will come across with

  • TajMahal Sculptures
  • Itza
  • Petra
  • Great Wall of China
  • Machu Picchu
  • Colosseum
  • Christ the Redeemer

It will also include the rides of the children as well as for adults. The cost of a ticket is around Rs25. Tickets can be availed from 3 pm to 7 pm. People who cannot take tickets by 3 can take tickets at 5.00 pm. It will also include lake in it which will give you beautiful view.  The Bridge is also found a t the lake where people love to take selfies along with group photos. It is also having wide areas for playing forchildren where people can sit in the grass inthe evening and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden.

The main attractions of this park includetoy train which is mostly enjoyed by children along with adults Along with that, people will also enjoy one giant hand holding tennis balls in both hands. It will give the best view which can catch the attractions of many people towards it. Visitors will also come across with chess playing area, which is giant in nature and can be enjoyed by person who have great interest in playing chess.

The places which can be enjoyed near to Wonders Park will include

  • Nerul station’
  • Sea wood station
  • Rock garden
  • In orbit mall
  • Balaji garden

How to reach to the Wonders Park

It is easy to drop down to this park as visitors can easily go by train. Visitors will come across Nerul and Sea Wood Station from where they can hire auto rickshaw to reach this place by paying fare of Rs20.  A person can easily reach by road by passing through Nerul Station.

Facilities for a picnic along with recreational activities are there, and with regards to this, you would need to spend some extra amount of money. In the overall context, a great place to hang around with your family.

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