How To Choose The Best Catering Service For Your Occasion

Catering services help give food and beverages in bulk for special events and occasions. From planning the menu to cook mouth-watering cuisines and dishes, the services provide a range of offers for your special occasion. That is why choosing a proper catering service is so important and can save from last minute hassle while planning a grand event. Professionals like Chardonnay Catering is one of the best catering service providers in Newcastle who serve delectable dishes from various cuisines and deliver customer satisfaction every time.

Finding the right catering service

Finding a suitable catering service can be overwhelming, be it your wedding day, social events, birthday parties, meetings or any public events. There are a number of things you need to take care of such as the budgeting and planning before you actually take onboard a caterer. Today let’s consider some top considerations while hiring the catering service for your next event.

Caterer types

A good place to start is finding out the type of catering service you need. It depends largely on the event itself –weddings, meetings, backyard BBQs, private or seasonal events. With this sorted, you can figure out the rest easily. The catering service you choose must be able to give quality customer service, venue setup, and on-site food preparation.

Ability to attend guests

This won’t just cut down costs but save you from last minute hassle as well. Getting a proper estimate of the number of guests and the ability to attend their needs is something every catering service must be able to deal with.


Caterers should be concerned with the needs of both the customer and the guests. They should be eager to know more about the event to deliver the best possible service, food and beverages. Along with that, they must be prompt in returning calls and emails.


Adapting to the standard needs of the customer and guests is vital for any catering service. A professional catering staff knows the industry well and keeps up with the recent trends. Apart from standard menus, the catering service should be able to attend special requests. A talk with catering services helps to know how able they are.

Familiarity with the decided venue

Being able to prepare food in any setting, any site is something your caterer must be familiar with. Be it clubs, resorts, chapels or some historical setup, the catering service must be aware of the site, restrictions and food disposal. A Renowned catering service is one such help you can put your trust into.

Experienced catering staff

This is probably the most important consideration while finding the right catering staff. The catering staff should be in the business for a certain time to be experienced and aware of the know-how. The kitchen staff and chefs should be experienced and well-equipped to deal with any cuisine.

Choosing the right catering service will help you make your special occasion even more memorable. A professional service provider aims at superior customer service along with amazing food and overall experience.

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