Requirements For PR Visa In Australia

Australia is one of the best countries where one can apply for permanent resident visa. There have been different categories under permanent visa slot and one can apply whichever is suitable for them.

To apply for permanent visa Australia one has to go through the point based immigration system. The point based immigration system of Australia, determines the eligibility for the PR Visa depending on how much an applicant can score depending on the selection factors like language proficiency, age, work experience, education and many more.

Now if one wants to know what are the key benefits of applying for the PR in Australia, then here are some.

  • One can live and work in Australia for an indefinite time period.
  • One can leave and enter the country whenever they want for the initial period of 5 years. This can be continued if the visa gets renewed after the candidate meeting all the criteria.
  • After spending a few years under the PR visa in this country, one can easily apply for the citizenship of Australia if they want.
  • The PR visa holders in the country enjoy the same benefits just like the Australian citizens and they also get subsidized health and legal helps.
  • One can also sponsor their relatives to Australia if they fulfil the residence criteria and also assure all the supporting documents.
  • This PR visa also gives one the right to live, work, travel and study in New Zealand after the government of New Zealand approves it.
  • Their children if born in Australia would be given Australian citizenship by birth.

What are the things that are required so that one can apply for permanent visa in Australia? Well, the first thing that all the applicants need to do is to arrange all the key documents. Apart from the educational and routine travel documents, the other 2 main documents that are needed are the skill assessment report by a relevant authority and English language proficiency test results.

Once these are arranged, the applicant has to select the appropriate visa for which they should apply. The most common PR visa categories are Subclass 189 (non sponsored visa), Subclass 190 (state nominated visa) and Subclass 186 (employer nominated visa). Once the relevant visa is chosen, one needs to choose the occupation from the skilled occupation list. One also needs to apply according to the point based system in Australia. They need to submit an expression of interest in the online skill select system mentioning the key profile details like education, age, work experience, language skills and many more. One will be assessed and will be given numbers according to each of the profile factors. One should have a collective score of at least 60 points to apply through the system.

One should also meet the health and character requirement if they want to apply for permanent residence in Australia and medical examinations are done as a verification process. These are the basic steps that one needs to follow to apply.

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