Safe Ship Moving Services Talks on How to Get Prepared for a Long Distance Move

Safe Ship Moving Services

Although moving to a new home is a fairly exciting journey it is also stressful, especially when it involves a long-distance move. Apart from choosing an expert moving partner like Safe Ship Moving Services, a long-distance move demands thorough planning, organization, and seamless coordination that ensures a hassle-free, smooth, and relaxing transition. Following are some important tips to enable families to get prepared for a long-distance move.

Prepare a moving plan

For families, moving to a new home means moving everything of their processions to a new place and starting a new journey. The complexity of the move requires individuals to have a clear-cut idea about what they need to do, when to perform them, and how to execute them. It makes sense to create a list of tasks involved related to the transition, for instance

  • Researching for hiring a dependable moving company
  • Updating vital documents such as driving licenses, bank accounts, insurance, etc.
  • Downsizing by sorting, packing, and labeling the belongings
  • Arranging for transferring utilities, internet, and other services at the new address
  • Saying goodbye to neighbors, friends, associates

Stick to a plan

Make sure to set realistic timelines for each task and stick to the schedule. Using a planner, app, or even calendar can be handy in keeping track of the progression. This also helps in equally reminding things to be accomplished next. It makes sense to delegate a few tasks to responsible family members or even close friends. Refrain from waiting until the last minute to do everything as it will escalate stress and the likelihood of missing many important things.

Pack things efficiently and securely

Packing is undoubtedly one of the most tedious, challenging, and time-consuming tasks. While packing, individuals need to make sure that their possessions are packed diligently and securely to safeguard them from damage, theft, or loss during the long move. Following are some tips for packing efficiently and securely:

  • Declutter before initiating packing. Discard all unwanted clothes, gardening tools, and appliances that will be of no use to the new home. Rather than trashing all these things, arrange for garage sale, and donate things in relatively good condition to charity. This will not only simplify the packing and unpacking process but also lessen the cost of moving.
  • Use quality packing materials such as heavy-duty boxes of different sizes, packing papers, bubble wrap, binding tape, and marker pens for labeling. Make sure to take the assistance of family members while packing things. If required, speak to the moving company to get their valuable suggestions about how to pack things, especially fragile items like dinner sets, glassware, mirrors, ceramic items, works of art, etc.
  • Labeling of boxes is also an important task as it enables individuals to easily and quickly recognize the contents of every box, streamlining the job of finding things at the time of unpacking at the new location. Moreover labeling the boxes such as ‘Fragile’ ‘Handle with Care’ as well as ‘Bedroom items’ ‘Kitchen accessories’ ‘Bathroom’ ‘Hall’ ‘Library’ etc. will help the movers in proper handling and unloading the boxes at the relevant spaces.

Notify important parties

Before leaving the old home, it is important to inform all relevant individuals and establishments about the updated address and contact details. This includes friends and family members, banks, insurance providers, utility companies, etc.

Having meticulous planning and sticking to the agenda is vital to avoid last-minute rush that leads to mistakes points out Safe Ship Moving Services. So, follow the guide and get prepared accordingly to make the long-distance move with family members a smooth experience.

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