Tackling Air Sickness While In Flight

All your friends are planning a trip . They look into the flights schedule to book your flight tickets. Everyone is extremely excited. But wait, something is bothering you. You are not too keen to go; it could be because of your air sickness.

Passengers aplenty experience air sickness. Even a galore of pilots too is no exception to this. It tends to occur in early morning flights as the body tries to adapt to the moving elements that are bound to flying an airplane. It is a simple problem of motion sickness. In case, someone does not fly frequently, should not worry at all. You can get over this issue by following some of the tips that have been mentioned in this article.

Before we begin, let’s try to define what causes the airsickness. The body attempts to interpret different signals at once. While in a moving object like a train or a car, or an aircraft, the brain does not interpret any movement because your eyes do not see what is happening. Your vestibular system, on the other hand, senses a lot of changes. Hence, there is a conflict of signals. This results in motion sickness. You will feel nauseous and might want to regurgitate.

Some of the common symptoms of air sickness are nausea, chills, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, queasy, salivation, headache and in severe cases, incapacitation.

Avoiding Air sickness

  1. Say no to heavy meals. Keep a close eye on what you are eating about 24 hours prior to the trip. Do not include fats and greasy food in your diet. Also, avoid super salty and spicy foods. Do not eat anything before boarding your plane, but do not leave your stomach empty either.
  2. Limit your Alcohol consumption. Consuming alcohol sometimes triggers air sickness for some passengers. Drink a lot of water; say no to alcohol before the flight.
  3. Choose your seat after proper research. Try to ask the flight attendant for a seat next to the window so that you can stare into the horizon to prevent air sickness. The seats over the wings experience very less motion of the plane.
  4. Rest well before the journey. This will help your body be relaxed and composed during the entire tour.
  5. Use motion sickness tablets. Speak to your doctor about this before using the motion sickness tablets. Only your doctor will know the best drug for you. Use this just if you have a severe case of air sickness.
  6. Acupressure wristbands and Ginger – Ginger is a perfect solution to air sickness, according to experts. Acupressure wristbands apply constant pressure at the pressure points of the wrist for stimulations. This is believed to help control vomiting.

Enjoy your flight; do not worry too much about other issues. It all depends on how you look at things, and flying is not at all problematic. Do not back off just because of some air sickness, learn to prevent it and in the end, enjoy your holiday.

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  1. It is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. It is also helpful to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Eating light meals prior to flying can also help reduce the chances of becoming nauseous. If possible, it is best to choose a seat that is over the wing of the plane, as this usually has the least amount of turbulence. Avoid reading or watching television as this can make the symptoms worse. eat light meals and avoid spicy or greasy foods.

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