10 Best And Easy Eye Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Halloween signifies endless horror movie marathons and trick-or-treat adventures, but another key aspect of Halloween celebrations is the makeup and costumes for the occasion. You can dress like a witch, a superhero, or a fairy and go trick-or-treating.

The best part about dressing up for Halloween is that there are no limits and your makeup can be completely over-the-top. The scarier your getup is the higher are the chances of you getting noticed. So, if you can actually put on a bold and daring eye makeup, and people do look back a second time, you know your attire and look is a hit. To get the easiest yet boldest eye makeup for Halloween you can consider getting your hands on a Lime Crime coupon

Top 10 Eye Makeup Ideas For Halloween:

Who does not love a do-it-yourself costume? But, at the same time, it can be even more fun trying out bold eye makeup too. Here are some easy-to-do eye makeup ideas that you can try out this Halloween:

  • Spider Liner Look: You can do justice to all the eye liners that you may have stocked at home for months when you experiment with this look. This creepy-crawly eye makeup can be easily achieved if you are patient. You have to use your free hand to get stroke lines; you cannot get the desired effect with a shaky hand. To get some drama, you need to fan out the lashes.
  • Smoky Skull Look: The smoky eye look has been popular since the last decade and it can be useful to create a scary look for this Halloween too. It can help you to get a sultry skull appearance; all you need is this smoky eye makeup with a couple of straight lines resembling a stitched mouth. You can use an eyebrow brush to blend these.
  • Superhero Look: While all superheroes may not wear capes, some superheroes are known to have gorgeous eye makeup. You can isolate one eye using a futuristic design pattern. So, your trick-or-treaters will be left confused, not knowing whether you are a villain or superhero.
  • Flower Child Look: For those of you who are keen to spread the message of love and peace on the occasion of Halloween, the flower girl look may be just right for you. You can wear a hippie costume and decorate the face, painting it an aquamarine shade to get a post-Woodstock vibe.
  • Purple Rain Look: You can use rhinestones to create perfect-looking purple rain drops. You may paint the eyebrows a violet shade to give them an edgy spin. The look is reminiscent of Prince and you are sure to catch the attention of passers-by.
  • Clown Look: Clowns are a favorite with Halloween festivities and you can create either a creepy clown look or a cut clown look. To keep it simple and cute, you can make rainbow colored dots all over the brows and around the eyes. The look can be finished with a red nose and you can appeal to most people with this pleasant look.
  • Gothic Glam: This is for the lovers of the Gothic makeup look and you may use a black crayon for the desired effect. This helps to add Goth to your eyes and lips and you can paint these with a shiny gloss to magnify the dark glamour effect.
  • Wood Nymph: While unicorns and mermaids are very common, a wood nymph is another popular mythical creature that is a huge favorite with Halloween fans. You can use a monochrome eyelid look with forest-green eye shadow and bright malachite lashes.
  • Jessica Rabbit: This is possible with only a flick of black-shade eyeliner and sultry red lips. A red pin-up wig can complete the look.
  • Disco Queen Look: This can be achieved with silver statement eyes, highlighted hair and glossy lips.

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