Bouncy Castle Hire- Things You Need To Know

Inflatables like the bouncy castle provide a safe and a secure confined zone for children to have fun, that’s why they are so popular nowadays. They provide parents with a perfect way to add a stroke of fun and excitement to their kid’s birthday, Christmas celebration, or any other kids get together. And, the best part with bouncy castles, you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying one, instead, you hire it from any bouncy castle hire services company in the town. However, before you that, it is critical to read till the end, as here we’ve highlighted things to take into account when booking a bouncy castle:

Before Bouncy

First and foremost, surf the internet to make a list of top bouncy castle hire companies in your location. After that, check out their individual website to take a glance at their credentials. See, whether they have mentioned on their site, that bouncy castles have been inspected by an authorised body. Also check, whether they listed something about insurance and public liability.  If your prospective company claim that their inflatables are PIPA tested, ask for their number so that you validate it online. On the hand, if they run their marketing campaign by shouting they have ADIPs number, the same goes here check their truthfulness online.

At the time of booking

Ask your potential bouncy hire agency how their castles have been inspected, the most common answer you get will it ADIPS, PIPA, or RPII tested. But, take this into consideration that all these are bodies are private, so they offer their favor to the company in order to prove them the best in the business. Therefore, it is great to ask, if the company has public liability, if yes, then request them to show proof at the time of booking confirmation.

Once the setup is done

Request them to show the documents about the safety standards of the castle setup at your place. Inquire, whether it is up-to-date or not, whether the inflatable has passed the PAT test of electrical inspection.

The ADIPS test is a certificate that has both expiry date and cert number, so gander at that too.

The PIPA certification has a tax disc style item on the bouncy castle and has a series of checks to inspect the quality and strength of the inflatable thoroughly.

Ensure that the blower equipment is protected by RCD. In case,  if a petrol or generator blower, which is being employed is kept safely in a secure place, and the spare fuel should be placed away from the blower, and do understand the process to shut it off in an episode of emergency.

From a hirer’s point of view, a public liability insured bouncy castle hire services provider is an always a wiser choice, as it will cover all the defects and damaged caused in the form of injury or to the property. So, before making any decision, consider this as a decisive factor when hiring someone.

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