The Royal Warrant: What Does It Mean For Companies?

In this year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we’re all immersed in all things Royal – but how much do you know about The Royal Warrant, and have you ever wondered what it means for businesses?

What Is A Royal Warrant?

A Royal Warrant is a way of recognising businesses that have supplied the households of The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales with goods and services. This has to have been for five consecutive years and must be an ongoing arrangement. There are around 800 warrant holders and they cover a huge range of industries and services, varying from individuals to large multinational companies. You can search a warrant holder’s database to see which companies hold a prestigious Royal Warrant.

What Are The Benefits That Come With A Royal Warrant?

It is an honor to be recognised by the royal households and companies display their warrants as a mark of exceptional quality and service. Royal warrants are particularly appreciated in other countries such as the USA and the Middle East. To hold a royal warrant means that companies are operating responsibly and increasingly the emphasis is on sustainability – purchasing goods or services from a company with a royal warrant comes with an added assurance that they operate responsibly.

How Is A Company Awarded A Royal Warrant?

In addition to being able to demonstrate ongoing supply to a royal household, companies undergo a rigorous assessment of their operations to ensure they conduct business fairly and sustainably. This is reviewed every 3 or so years and the company has to be able to demonstrate ongoing improvements in areas such as reducing their carbon footprint or waste management.

Case Study

Dengie Horse Feeds have held a royal warrant since 2007 supplying the royal studs at both Balmoral and Sandringham. Their team work closely with those managing the horses at the studs and provide advice and guidance on which horse feeds to use. They were delighted to be present at the Royal Windsor Horse Show to witness the Queen’s Highland pony winning the overall Mountain and Moorland championship. A fitting win in this special jubilee year!

When trying to obtain one of these Warrants, there are a few things that companies must make sure of, for example, providing the highest quality product – if your company is supplying to the Royal Household, it certainly must hit the benchmark! Unrivaled service is also crucial, making sure that customer service is above par at all times is essential. Sustainability is high on the list of requirements for a Royal Warrant, so companies that have the planet at the heart of their products are favoured.

When a company has been appointed their Warrant, there are a few ways that they must excel to make sure they can keep it.

What Do Companies Have To Do To Maintain Status?

When a company has been awarded the Royal Warrant, there is guidance that they must adhere to, to give them the best possible chance of maintaining their status. For example:

  • Companies must notify the Association if they are planning on changing their name or ownership so that they can decide if the Warrant will continue
  • Companies must maintain regular contact with the Royal Household clients
  • Make sure they make note of products and services supplied to the Household to maintain their Warrant
  • Always be sure to acknowledge any correspondence received from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office

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