Solutions For Indigenous People Development

If you live in Australia, you will be aware of the plight of the Aboriginal people, and despite successive government attempts to improve their standard of living, it is difficult to affect any sustainable development. This is mainly due to cultural differences, and many projects that are based on western culture do not have a positive impact when applied to a different way of thinking. There are, however, certain charities that have the experience and the resources to make a difference in the indigenous people’s lives.

  • Sustainable Development –When working with poor and disadvantaged communities, it is much more than just providing the funding, and there is an Australian charity that fully understand this, and by using respected member of the Aboriginal community, it is possible to engage the people actively in the process of self-development, and as they become more proficient, they take more charge of the project, until such a time when they become independent and require no more funding.
  • Community Screening – Of course, a charity cannot simply disperse funds and expect to see sustainable development, and any community that wishes to benefit from a program, would first be screened for suitability, and with the right people in place, the funding will enable the various stages of the project to come to fruition. Once a small community has successfully managed to create a sustainable income from a project, it is possible to expand upon this, and with their ongoing motivation, other worthwhile ideas can be transformed into reality.
  • Online Funding – The ideal way for registered charities that run such projects to gain the necessary funding is to create special donation programs that enable Australians to donate specific amounts of money to specific projects, and with gift donation programs, you can nominate a friend to receive a special card from you, and the card details how you donated money on their behalf. This is an excellent way for caring people to donate to sustainable projects that have a positive impact on the indigenous people’s lives, and by having images and information, you have a personal connection with those you are helping. If, for example, a person felt that education was the key to sustainable development in the Aboriginal community, they could donate to an education project that ensures the children can read and write English, and with other, specialised programs, young Aboriginal people then have an opportunity for a career.
  • Core Values – In order for any community development to take place, the indigenous cultures and beliefs must always be respected, and by moving away from the “them and us” mentality, the local community is much more willing to engage in positive activities. Regular supervision and transparent communication ensure that each stage of the project is carried out as outlined, and by respecting the culture and integrating into the community, sustainable development is being achieved all over the country.

As with everything else, community development projects have developed to the point where a high level of success is achievable, and with ongoing support and your donations, these worthwhile, community building programs can continue to tackle poverty within the indigenous population.

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