The British And Pets: Love Or Addiction?

The British are absolutely sure that if a person likes pets he is a very good guy. People living in this country adore animals — any of them. However, they never force their beloved dogs to “serve” them. Pets become their buddies. Here, you will find more interesting news about the tastes and habits of Great Britain, and some of them might seem to you weird. However, this article is all about pets.

Pet lovers

Pets are vital to them. With animals, the British feel greatly, they understand their “language”. However, they do not understand own children (at least just caress them). The best places, the most comfortable and warm corners, the best foodstuff — they try to give it to their beloved animals. In case, a cat or a dog, a rat or a hamster can damage something, this creature will be never punished. If a kid does the same thing, he is in trouble. So when a dog bites a person, then the injured person is always blamed! It is difficult for a person who does not love pets to live in Great Britain. When a huge dog (in a house of your friends) starts to jump on you making your dirty, everybody will be smiling. In Great Britain, people think that dogs can ever “read” other people. When a pet dislikes any guest, the house will begin to treat him with caution. The cruelty to animals causes horror and disgust among the British.

Curious facts about pets in GB

  • About 6 million British people have dogs, while five million of them prefer cats and the rest like…budgies.
  • They spend close to 2 billion pounds a year on food for their pets — twice as much as their entire tea and coffee market!
  • British love furry creatures in their homes, which are not always associated with pets. No one is surprised now when he learns that his neighbor decided to buy a very special “cat”, a lion or even a huge tiger! 
  • In private houses, in suburbs, bison, crocodiles, huge snakes live — they are also “pets”.
  • The British even created special perfume for all dogs. It is even more expensive than some perfume for ladies.
  • The British bred more dog breeds than any other nation.

All these facts generally demonstrate the kindness of the British. On the other hand, this love sometimes transcends boundaries and it seems that love for animals here is stronger than any other feeling, including even love for children. In case, you are curious about the other aspects of the life of the British, you will find all interesting news connected with GB on this site: the information is updated regularly.

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