Some Great Spots For Trekking

Mumbai offers some great opportunities for trekking in many scenic spots, not far from the city. Are you thirsting for fun and adventure? Here are some fantastic trekking spots near Mumbai.

Prabalgad- 47.5 km

This fort is located between Panvel and Matheran, around 46 km from Mumbai. The fort is much loved for its ancient architecture and opportunities for trekking nearby. A 3 hour trek can take you to some scenic spots like Patalganga River, Ulahas River, Karnal fort, Kalavnatin fort etc.

Karnala Fort -47.8 km

This fort is located on a hill amidst a sanctuary and is a great tourist draw. To reach the fort that dates back to 1400, one can go on a scenic trek. The one hour long trek is broken by five resting places and during the monsoons, it makes for great enjoyment and adventure. It is very popular for tourists seeking trekking near Mumbai.

Vasai Fort (60 km)

This fort  was called Bassein in the recent past. It is a scenic suburban town, North of  Mumbai.   A popular tourist spot,  this picturesque Portuguese fort  is also protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.  Though mostly  in ruins, the complex houses three churches.

Matheran-80 km

It is one of the loveliest spots between Pune and Mumbai. At a height of 2625 ft, the spot enjoys a less humid and cool climate drawing the summer traffic of  tourists from the two cities. It is among the smallest hill stations of India .

Dukes Nose ( 87 km)

Near Lonavala, there  are some hills station point like Shooting Point, Lion Point, tiger Point and Duke’s nose. Duke ‘s Nose got its name due to its resemblance to the nose of Duke Wellington. Surrounded by green and verdant surroundings, it is a popular rock climbing spot.

Lonavala( 82 km)

This  wonderful  spot welcomes visitors for its greenery, waterfalls, lakes and priceless scenic landscapes. It is part of the Sahyadri hills and it blooms in monsoon. The name means –‘ resting place of stones’. Come here for some spectacular views!

Tamhini (80.8km)

Featuring dense forests, sparkling  waterfalls, stunning hillscapes, Tamhini is one among the loveliest Ghats in the Western Ghats. It becomes  interspersed with  crystal water falls in the monsoon. It provides opportunities for great treks with chances for encountering great wild life.

Lohagarh (99.5 km)

It is one of the most popular trekking routes near Mumbai. Spanning a height of 3389 feet, the place provides stunning views and thrill of adventure trekking. The trek also offers chance for viewing the fantastic Pavana reservoir. Located close to Lonavala, it is a popular getaway.

Korighad (105 km)

This is a place offering many trails for trekking. It is a fort located in the Sahyadri hills, which is about 20 km South of Lonavala. Around 923 m above the sea level, the trek through this area spans two levels. The whole trek takes an hour and  a half from base to summit.

Panchgani (244 km)

It is  a quaint spot located between  5 magnificent hills. It is one of the easy and popular getaways from Mumbai. The region stretches over 95 acres and is among the longest plateaus in Asia offering the views of the renowned Devil’s Kitchen Caves.

These are some of the most popular trekking spots near Delhi.

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