How to Plan a Dinner Party Like a Pro

Whether you plan on hosting an intimate dinner at the best Tribeca restaurants or a huge get-together at home, planning a party can be a challenging task. From making sure that there will be good food to thinking of ways to keep the guests entertained, keep on reading and learn some of the secrets of the pros on how they plan dinner parties.

Make a Reservation

If you are dining out, take the time to call the restaurant or visit their website to book a table. This is especially important during holidays or if you plan to have dinner at peak times. Nothing can be more frustrating and humiliating than arriving at a restaurant and ending up knowing that there is no table that can accommodate your group.

Assign Seats

In one article from Martha Stewart, it has been suggested that while not necessary, it will be a good idea to assign seats if you have more than eight guests. You might want to alternate men and women. Also, avoid seating close friends near each other as other guests may feel awkward. Use cute and personalized place cards to let your guests know where they will be seated.

Make a Playlist

If you are inviting guests to a dinner at home, do not ignore music. It will be good to have a playlist based on what your guests will like. The background music will be essential in creating a more festive mood and will reduce boredom.

Consider your Guests

Think about the dietary restrictions of those you have invited. Do they like meat or veggies? Are they heavy eaters? Do they drink a lot? By knowing these things, it will be easier to curate a menu or choose a place. Plus, it improves the likelihood that they will walk out with a smile on their faces because they were happy with the dinner.

Set the Table

Monelle Totah, a restaurateur, shared with Forbes that you need to set the table and think beyond glassware and plates. Use your creativity. The table can be your canvas and be a showcase of your artistry. From candles to flowers, think of centerpieces that can create a more inviting and appetizing mood.

Do Not Forget the Cocktails

From aperitif cocktails to after-dinner drinks, do not forget the alcohol. You do not need to throw a drinking party like you were in college, but at least, make sure that your guests have something to drink other than water and soda. Cocktails can stimulate the appetite, aid in digestion, and best of all, kickstart a night of fun!

Planning a dinner party? Take note of the tips that have been mentioned above to make sure that your guests will have fun and they will look forward to the next time that you will host a party.

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