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Pune is a metro city and is filled with plenty of opportunities for everyone. Students visit this place from different areas of the nation. Where there are various choices for growth and studies and business in the city; there is fun and amusement too. If you find your routine tossing between office deadlines and family responsibilities; you need to explore the adventurous and fun side of the city.

Have you ever thought about Events in pune? There are plenty of events that take place in this city throughout the year. Be it weekends or mid of a week; you can experience so much of pleasure and enjoyment. The city has so much to cater you within your budget. Be it music or dance; education or enlightenment; motivation or inspiration; there is everything out there for your experience.

Rajmachi Trek & Camping

Rajmachi Trek & Camping is getting organized By Adventure Club Pune on November 18th 2017. This event can give you an exciting experience with so much of thrill and fun.  Talking about Rajmachi, it is one of the most popular trek destinations in Sahyadri Mountains. It is one of the favourite spots for every trekker and neophytes.  The Fort here is situated at a height of 2750 feet witnessing the Bhorghat Pass which was a chief old trade route during the time of Maratha Empire. The fort was built by Shivaji in 17th century. You can experience a great time over the fort by digging into twin forts Manoranjan and Shrivardhan.  During the trek, you will also visit Mahadev Temple, Bhairavnath Temple and Rajmachi Lake.  There are 2 main routes to visit Rajmachi, one is from Lonavala and the other one is Karjat route. You are certainly going to have a good time in this event. You must not miss it!

Wet n joy Water Park

Would you like to have some memorable time with your kids? Then you must become a part of this exciting trip. This fun filled event is getting organized by Cleartrip Local on Sunday 19th November 2017.  You can experience a fun time by participating in the adventurous and thrilling rides at this water park. Whether you are with your beloved, your kids, family, friends or colleagues; you can have a cheery time at this destination.  Moreover, during this event, you can enjoy Kid friendly rides, there will be Swimsuits available for your ease and you can also avail the Locker facility for your stuff. So, when are you going to book yourself for this exciting event? This event will add some lightness in your busy day today life.

Music is remedy

It is needless to say that music is a remedy. No matter you are stressed or you are feeling low; once you listen to your favourite singers or musical performers performing in front of you, you are certainly going to love it. They will fill you with so much of music and enjoyment. After all, there are many concert events getting organized in your city to fill you with delight and enjoyment. You must make the most of these events.


So, when are you going to explore these events along with plenty of other events? You are surely going to love these events and their depths!

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