Is Douching Safe During The Course Of Pregnancy?

Vaginal douching is conferred the tag of being a vaginal flush. It is formulated in such a manner where the vagina is rinsed with the help of water or an artificial solution. Most times they are available over the counter and it is scented as well. There is no harming in stating that it is a vaginal deodorant.

Most women are open to the idea of douching pregnancy as during this point of time your vaginal discharge is at an all-time high. This is going to make a woman feel a bit dirty and the idea of douching your vagina with a beautiful scented product seems to be a lot appealing. But there are some loopholes associated with the process as well. You need to be aware of the fact that the vagina is self-cleaning unit. There is no need to clean it in an artificial manner. Can you douche when you are pregnant, as there are numerous health disadvantages whether you are pregnant or non-pregnant?

One of the biggest disadvantages of vaginal douche is that it goes on to disturb the natural along with chemical balance of bacteria. If the delicate balance is being tampered with, it is going to lead to infections whereby the natural bacteria of your body are being washed away. In the process new bacteria is being introduced to your vagina as well. These bacteria can lead over to the uterus and tamper with the mucus plug which most women tend to have.

Does the vagina go on to clean itself?

 Normally the fluids are created from your glands, and inside your vagina or the cervix old cells are present. This tends to line up your vagina. In case of non-pregnant women the discharge is minimal and  is milky white. It is not going to smell bad till you are having an infection. Sexual arousal or hormone levels are going to increase the discharge and this could be one of the reasons on when your breastfeed or pregnant the discharge is at a higher level.

It is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor if you notice a thick vaginal discharge. This is all the more so when you are pregnant as you do not want the bacteria to travel to the unborn child. Ideally it is observed that it will irritate the cervix and chances of pre-termlabour increase. When the discharge is stained with blood it could indicate a pre-term or a delayed pregnancy. On the other hand it may mean that nothing has happened as well. The only way to be aware of this is that you would need to consult a doctor.

Sometimes vaginal itching, pain or burning is observed when you are not pregnant. Be aware of the fact that douching is not going to have any impact on this. Any change in balance levels is important as you would not the infection to the transferred to the baby as well.

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