Playing The Guitar: A Hobby For A Lifetime

Are you looking for an intoxicating hobby? Playing a guitar is like riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Once you know the technique in riding a bike, you’ll never get lost meaning you’ll never forget it. It’s a hobby or talent that you can maneuver every time you’re stressed, tired or for a me-time during rest days.

One of the trendy hobby around the globe is playing the guitar. It is one of the simplest musical instrument and stress-free to learn. You can play your favorite song during your recreation time. If you want to enrol guitar classes in Singapore,  you can check through the internet some affordable guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons in Singapore

Guitar lessons in Singapore are slightly short but the guitar teachers focus in each student. They offer one on one classes in your chosen guitar. However, they also accept group guitar lesson by request. They can teach classical, acoustic guitars and even electric guitars. The student has his/her option in what lesson he/she will take, it can be cover music, guitar tabs or more.

It is interesting to enrol guitar classes in Singapore because they offer a 30-45 minutes guitar lesson and a 60-minute guitar lessons. Both types of lessons are done once a week and you can use variety of guitars such as acoustic, electric, ukulele or the regular guitar. The whole session is enjoyable and guaranteed that you will learn. They perform guitar lessons pleasing and stimulating. Guitar lessons are applicable on ages 7 and up.

Benefits of Playing the Guitar

There are great advantages why you should know how to play a guitar. If you enrol guitar classes in Singapore, here are the potential benefits you will earn to.  First, it brings people unite. How? Once you play a guitar, the mood of the group is elevate especially when you play a popular songs. You can be a bridge for a potential guitar student. Everytime that somebody plays the guitar, your attention is caught especially to a male guitarist, women find them attractive.

Second, it can also enhance your attentiveness and memory by simultaneous reading of chords and covering songs with your own guitar versions. Aside from boosting your attention and memory, playing the guitar can revitalize your multitasking ability. It can also enhance your confidence and experience the feeling of satisfaction when you can play a guitar song.

Third, it enhances time management  and improves your Math and English skills. Did you know that the music theory is constructed on Math by variety of scales and chord? That’s why you’re refining your Mathematics when you strum your guitar. For English, the reading cognition ability is develop.

Fourth, aside from personal and social benefits, it also improves your mental and emotional aspects. Playing the guitar reduces stress when you strum or shred your favorite guitar song. Addition to that, it can be also a cure for people who suffer from depression and anxiety confusion.

Lastly, playing a guitar can fortify your wrists and hands by continuous shredding or strumming of your guitar and it could reduce pain when you play while making your own version of song.


Playing the guitar is the one of the best choice of hobby. It is a hobby which can last persistently. If you want to enrol in guitar classes singapore,  check some sites from your internet and ask for assistance.

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