Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Venues Essex

The wedding is such an auspicious day in one’s life and everyone wants the day to be perfect and dreamlike. Though weddings look very simple and happy events there is a lot of hard work behind to make the wedding a successful one. One of the most significant parts of the wedding ceremony is the wedding venue search and selection. In Essex, there are various venues which are offered for a wedding and other purpose but to choose the perfect wedding venues Essex, you need to be prudent in understanding the requirement of the families involved in the wedding and the invited number of guests and many other factors need to be counted upon.

Number of Invitees

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while searching for wedding venues in Essex is the number of invites you have on your list. This would simplify all other equations like the space requirements, food requirement, number of people required to manage the gathering etc. Space requirement plays an important role in the selection of the venue as you need to understand the amount of space you would require to serve your invitees well. If the venue is too big or too small, the guests won’t feel comfortable so, you need to choose the venue according to the number of guests on your list.

Cost of the venue

Cost or charges of the venue is the next factor you need to consider as if you choose a venue whose charges are more than you have budgeted for, your whole wedding budget needs to be modified. So, first fix a budget within which you need the venue and then start to shortlist the venues which come within that budget of yours.


Wedding whether done by an event management company or by the family members only, the management system of the wedding venue is a necessary factor. The venue has to be well maintained and decorated and that is the duty of the management of the venue, the sitting arrangement has to be taken care of, the security which is the big factor in a wedding so that no stranger can peep into the marriage function etc. need to be dealt with the management of the venue. So, you need to choose such a venue whose management is a strong one having complete control over the venue and the activities inside.

Bookings and reservations


During the wedding seasons, it is a big headache to find a good venue within reasonable cost if you hadn’t booked it before. So, you need to pre plan and search and book the venue to avoid paying extra charges and unnecessary problems before the day of wedding regarding the venue.

Fooding arrangement

The last but not the least factor is the food and beverages arrangements in the venue. The families involved in the wedding need to see the arrangement for the food, cooks, and waiters in the venue before selecting the venue so that their guest get the best food and relish on it.

So, if you are in search of a wedding venues in Essex, try to implement this steps in your search process to find the best.

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