Train Journeys Are Worth Taking: Are They?

The fact is that beauty of India lies in its diversity. There are diverse places, cities, corners, villages and areas spread in this nation. One thing that connects most of the parts of this country is ‘Railways.’ These trains have become the lifeline of people who travel by it daily. There are trains shuttling between different areas every single day. Thousands of trains run on the tracks in India every single hour.

Maybe you find aeroplane journeys exotic and stylish in compare to train journeys, but the reality is that every mode of transportation has its own charm. Once you have made up your mind for going to a place, the train will get you there. You can easily check out railway seat availability, and everything is set. These railways are making advancements every passing month. You can find diverse facilities that are assisting the passengers on every step of their journey.

What is the beauty of a rail journey?

You might have read that line that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, have you? Well, in the same way, if you are seeking beauty in train journeys, you will get. There are different wow factors in train journeys that are worth exploring. The most exciting thing that everyone can do on a train journey is ‘talk.’ No matter you are a talkative fellow or a reserved one; you will get one or the other topic to speak on. The fellow passengers travelling on the train are full of their views, experiences and knowledge. The moment you start a topic, they will get you different variations of that topic.

If you want to know more about your country, the train is an apt option. You come across people who belong to different villages, cities, urban places and corners. You talk to them, and you will get the piece of information about their lifestyles and way of living. You will get acquainted with their cultures and ideologies. Maybe at the time of discussing, these talks entertain you and surprise you, but later on, you might carve out some important things from the talks you had. There is always introspection after the things you have done, right? So, once you are back from the train journey, just sit in a quiet room and introspect about the things you said or learned from the talks you had on the train.

Then talking about the natural beauty, it is in abundance. The moment you start looking out of the window of your train compartment, plenty of sites, views and landscapes will pass by. You are going to have a real-time with nature. The trains usually go through the wildest fields, forests and agriculture places. Since that is the case, you get a chance to know places and capture the sites in your memory. A single train experience can be concluded in your music, poems, writing, painting or whatever you do. You can learn from the journey and use the knowledge in your art.

So, sometimes learning is a beauty too. Don’t underestimate the importance of these train journeys. These are phenomenal and happening if you know how to make them so!

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