Why A Change In Our Culture Is Needed To Take Advantage Of The Latest Treatment Solution For Pre-Menstrual Cramps

PMS is a problem for a lot of women, and sometimes conventional treatment solutions fail to offer any relief from the nasty symptoms that sufferers face. Attention has turned to cannabis as a way to reduce pain when a woman suffers from cramps. Gone are the days where cannabis is used only by stoned teens. Now it is a viable treatment solution. We just need to change our view on this area and realize the potential cannabis has.The fact cannabis can help treat pre-menstrual cramps has certainly surprised a lot of people. It is important that if you are going to use cannabis for PMS to use strains that are predominantly Indica dominant for maximum pain relief. We wouldn’t recommend Sativas, as these strains tend to give you a high, rather than offer relief from pain.

So, which strains would be suitable?

Obama Kush

Although this is a hybrid strain, it is effective for PMS. At Day 7 in a cycle, a woman will often experience tenderness in the breasts, tiredness and irritability, as well as the cramps. This is because of the increase in Progesterone and Estrogen. Not only does this strain reduce pain, it is known to leave you in a good mood, thanks to the Sativa effect.

Black Cherry Cheesecake

This strain is formed from Black Cherry Soda crossed with Cherry Pie, crossed with Cheese. Yes, a lot of crosses, but this mixture of genetics allows it to be an excellent pain reliever. You will notice that when you use the strain, you will begin to relax right away, and the effect can be felt for up to 3 hours! Black Cherry Cheesecake is effective when you notice your uterine cramps taking hold because of the increase in Prostaglandins, and the strain can dampen this pain. We would recommend using this strain at night, as it can leave you quite lethargic.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is anIndica-dominant hybrid and is known to be effective for relieving pain, while introducing a unique cerebral effect. You will probably be aware that Estrogen interacts and affects your mood, and the Sativa content within the strain helps to re-balance your mood – which is good for you and the people around you!

Many people use Blue Dream as a wake n bake solution before going to work, as it is able to help with any cramps you may feel, as well as settling your stomach, whilst not zoning you for the day ahead.

Dutch Treat

Lastly, we would recommend Dutch Treat. This is the ideal hybrid to use during the day when you want to go out and get things done. Users quickly notice reduced mood swings, as well as offering excellent pain relief. Many users appreciate the excellent cerebral high which often accompanies this strain.

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