Different Ways To Style Our Abayas

A Guide To Dressing Your Abaya For All Occasions

Casual or glam? Black or pastel pink? Abayas are so versatile that there are numerous styling tricks you can try to make sure your outfit is right on trend.

Arabic abayas are the ultimate choice in luxurious and modest clothing. This versatile garment can be styled in numerous ways, making it suitable for just about every type of occasion you can imagine. Karim London stocks a stunning range of sophisticated abayas, which you’re sure to fall in love with. Follow our top styling tips and you’ll be right on trend in your new outfit.

Layering Your Abaya

As the season changes from summer into autumn, layering is a great trick to maximise comfort whilst looking incredibly stylish too. When you wear an open abaya style such as our Maha Luxury or Maysa Luxury designs, there’s plenty of scope to add another simple dress beneath. This will not only keep you warm, but also adds plenty of extra dimension to the look. We would suggest that the layer you wear beneath should either be a contrasting shade to your abaya, or else a simple black to complement the shade.

Go Monochrome

A monochrome abaya outfit will always look glamorous and is easy to style whether worn in the evening or as a daytime look. Start by choosing a dramatic abaya such as our sleek Dariya Luxury design which can be worn either open or closed. You’ll then match your entire outfit either with shades of white or another subtle pastel colour. Add pops of metal such as silver or gold to be incorporated into your choice of shoes or handbag.

Alternatively, nothing beats an all-black ensemble. Feel free to stick to black sandals and a statement bag, although you may want to add a sheer scarf to your outfit, so it doesn’t look too flat overall.

Glamming Up

An abaya is just as suitable for daytime casualwear, as it is for an evening event too. If you are intending to wear yours to a formal occasion, then you’ll want to select just the right accessories to accentuate the look. When choosing shoes, high heels are the ultimate luxurious choice – go as high as you dare – and a contrasting colour such as red against a black abaya, or pastel pink against our baby blue Aziza luxury abaya will really help the colours to pop.

Remember that your ensemble will look even more special when you choose statement jewellery. Bold earrings and an eye-catching ring will turn all the heads in your direction, whilst an assortment of bangles will be discreetly revealed when the sleeve of your abaya falls back slightly.

Long or short?

When shopping for an abaya, you’ll want to make sure that the length is perfect for your build. You don’t want to feel awkward if your abaya is so long that it keeps edging beneath your feet, nor do you want it to sneak too high. The perfect style for an abaya is to let it sit around your ankles, showing off your shoes! So, remember to wear either heels or flats when trying it on depending on how you’re planning to wear your abaya. As a guide, a length of 150cm is a great choice for a lady with an average build.

Now you know a few key ways to style your abaya, it’s time to choose the perfect design. Shop our stunning collection at Karim London today.

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