Diwali Celebrations In Mumbai – A Sight Not To Be Missed

Like all other cities in India, Mumbai too celebrates Diwali with much happiness. This is one festival that people wait all through the year. It is because Diwali is all about being with loved ones, pampering yourself and having a wonderful time. The food, the company, the gifts, the shopping and the happiness all together make Diwali the favourite festival of Mumbai people.

Here are some things that are common during the Diwali celebration in the city –

Diwali shopping –

There is no bigger festive season than Diwali. Mumbai people love to shop to their heart’s content during the time of Diwali. They love to look into the various mega discounts given in the stores. The shopping malls too encourage the citizens by offering very delightful discounts and prizes. Lucky draws are announced with cash prize and bumper prizes such a car. These are really something that encourage people to shop more. People generally buy new clothes for themselves and their families. They also buy gifts and stuff for their friends and co-workers. People also buy new electronic gadgets, home appliances and automobiles during this festival.

Diwali sweets –

If there is one thing that people look forward to during the festival, it is the food. Mumbai people love their food, especially during festivals. There will be a vast spread of local delights as well as dishes from across the country. Aamras, shrikand, laddoos, gulabjamoon, kheer, shira and barfi are among the most prepared dished in on Diwali in Mumbai. People also buy boxes of sweets from sweet shops to distribute it among their friends and workers. Offices too distribute sweets to their employees. Boxes of dry fruits are also given to near and dear ones. Today, as people have become modern, they also gift exotic chocolates.

Diwali gifts –

The number of gifts exchanged during the Diwali season is higher than anytime of the year in India. People of Mumbai gift each other something that will bring good luck and happiness. As the festival signifies prosperity, people give gold or silver coins to each other. This is supposed to bring luck to the one who receives it. Also, small silver idols or goddess Lakshmi or lord Ganesh are given to bring good luck and wealth. Corporate companies are giving much formal gifts such as clocks, cutlery set, photo frames and gadgets. People also gift clothes to each other during Diwali.

Diwali entertainment –

There is no shortage for entertainment during this festive season. Empty fields are filled with mela or flea markets that will cater to all ages of people. There will be lots of food, snacks, games and shopping stalls in these melas. Mumbai melas are a must visit during Diwali. People who like to be at home invite their friends over to play the game of cards. Playing the game of cards during Diwali is a tradition that many people follow. This is said to bring money and loads of luck.

Diwali is definitely a unique festival and Mumbai people know how to celebrate it just the right way.

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