How To Use Air Freshener To Improve Hotel Guests’ Mood

Have you ever smelled a freshly brewed coffee and instantly felt alert? Or used aromatherapy to help you relax after a busy day? Thanks to our sense of smell, we can influence our mood and emotions. It is especially helpful whenever we need a little boost in energy or we need to relax.

Although inhaling a scent can do wonders to our feelings, the shift does not automatically happen. The scents that we inhale works through associative learning. Therefore, the scent needs to be tied to a particular experience in the past for the brain to recognize it and trigger reaction. This is why the smell freshly baked cookies remind you of your grandparent’s home or the smell of peppermint triggers memories of your recent salon visit.

Using Air Freshener to Influence Hotel Guests

Marketers and business owners understand how scent can influence customers and guests’ mood. That’s why many of them now use scent marketing strategies to boost sales or reach more clients. Some use hotel air freshener, aromatherapy, or diff users to disperse their preferred scent. If you are wondering how exactly scents influence your guests’mood, read on for more insightful details:

Repeat businesses

Using hotel air freshener, you can have personal connection with your guests. The scent will enhance the environment in your hotel, and it will make the guests feel at home and comfortable. This will make it more likely for the guests to choose your hotel on their next vacation or visit in your city. Through hotel air freshener, you can keep the place fresh smelling. And with happy guests, you can ensure that every room in your hotel building is always occupied. 


For guests who are business travelers, spending their time in a fresh and clean hotel alleviates the stress of working away from home. Leisure travelers also look for a hotel where they can unwind and relax while they are on their vacation. Regardless of what type of guest you are expecting, it is always nice to keep your hotel smelling great. A good hotel air freshener will help you ensure that you will get positive feedback.If you’re lucky, they can even multiply their impact by recommending you to their relatives and friends.

Adds a touch of luxury

The aroma of a hotel can boost its perceived value of branding. Guests will find your hotel as a place with better quality as compared to unscented ones. Therefore, they will expect high level of customer service. Meet this expectation by putting extra effort in delivering basic requirements of your guests. Moreover, if the guests find the hotel as luxurious, they will more willing to spend for and spread good feedback about their experience. This means, you have better chances of attracting more guests. 

It keeps guests happy

You can use scent to elicit positive emotions from your hotel guests. Some hotels even use aromatherapy to enhance their guests’ mood.You can diffuse oils such as Lemon,Grapefruit, and Bergamot to disperse vibrant and joyful aroma.

If you are thinking of using hotel air freshener for your hotel, let la Brise de parfums help you. Their team of experts can help you reach your business goals in no time. Get in touch with them today for more information about hotel scenting.

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