Interesting Facts About The Eve Of Karwa Chauth

Every year on the 4thday of the dark fortnight in the month of Kartik, in the Hindu calendar, the auspicious eve of Karwa Chauth is celebrated. Expressing love and devotion towards their husbands, the wives religiously fast, praying for their loved ones’ safety and longevity.

The puja is performed by the wives with a special Karwa Chauth thali, as they fast rigorously from sunrise till moonrise, ensuring that not even a single drop of water reaches their throat.

The Ritual of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth symbolizes the devotion and love exhibited by the wife towards her beloved husband. A ritual is performed on this sacred eve by the women of the households on this day, expressing their love for their beloved husbands. Even husbands make them feel special by presenting some special Karwa Chauth Gifts. Here are the steps they follow on Karwa Chauth th –

  1. The ritual of Karwa Chauth is planned days in advance. The Karwa Chauth Pooja thaliis loaded with all the essential items needed to complete the ritual, namely Channi, Karva, Vrat Kath Book, diya, and some traditional sweets.
  2. The wife wakes up early in the morning before dawn and eats something before beginning her fast.
  3. During this period, till the hour of moonrise, she refrains from eating or drinking anything and does not even touch a single drop of water.
  4. As evening comes up, the wives dress up in their finest attire and adorn themselves with Sindoors and Bindis and wait for the moonrise.
  5. Once the moon rises, the ceremonial sieve or channi of Karwa Chauth is lifted high up in an attempt to capture the moonlight. The moon is regarded as a part of Lord Shiva and to invoke his blessings, its light is taken by them through the sieve. She then waits for her husband, whom she gazes upon through the same sieve.

Thus her fast ends and the ritual of Karawa Chauth is complete.

Interesting Facts About Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is loaded with deep underlying meanings, and far-reaching meanings.

Here are some interesting facts about the celebration of Karwa Chauth –

  • The Origin of Karwa Chauth

The origin of Karwa Chauth has been a highly debated subject among historians and scholars alike.

According to Mahabharata lore, the first instance of Karwa Chauth began after a woman named Savitri begged the God of death, Yama, for her husband’s soul.

Other stories point to the circumstances where the husbands would leave their wives and children in the house before going to war and the women would pray for their safety to the God and Goddess, Shiva and Parvati.

  • Who is Worshipped?

The puja of Karwa Chauth is performed to obtain the blessings of Goddess Parvati – the avatar of purity and devotion and wife of the God Shiva. Through the idols of the Goddess’s incarnations,Gaura and Chauth Mata, prayers are offered by the wives to Goddess for their husband’s security and longevity.

  • Why do Women Look at their Husband through a Sieve in the Moonlight? 

Breaking their fast in the hour of moonrise, and looking at their husbands through their sieves or channis, is one of the highlights of Karwa Chauth. Religious texts view the moon as a representation of the God, Shiva. And since traditionally, women are forbidden to look at their elders and husbands directly, they peer at their husbands through a sieve while in the presence of the moon.

The Celebration of Karwa Chauth

No other ceremony signifies the bond of love with more austerity than Karwa Chauth. Several Indian states such as Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, rise up in delight, as families all over mark this eve with delight and auspiciousness. Be enamored in the celebration as the virtues of love and devotion engulf the couple on this wonderful eve.

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