Three Top Tips For Choosing An Indian Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is probably the most important piece of clothing that you’ll ever own, so it’s important that you take plenty of time to make sure that you’re happy with one before making the decision to buy it.

Thankfully there are so many different types and designs out there to choose from and we’ve put together this quick guide to hopefully make things a little easier.

Focus on Body Shape

Probably the most important thing to focus on is the fit of the dress and the ‘silhouette’ that it creates.

If you find a dress with the perfect fit, then all of the rest should fall into place fairly soon after, but if you settle for one that isn’t quite right, you could find yourself having to make alterations further down the line.

Thankfully, there is a dress to fit all shapes and sizes, it’s just important that you know what to look out for.

This article from Desi Blitz is a good starting point for finding the right Asian bridal wear for your body shape.

When you do go to have fittings done, be sure to try and replicate the actual outfit of the day as much as possible, with the same shoes, accessories and make even hair and makeup, to give yourself the best picture possible of how it’ll look on the day itself.

Experiment with Colours

Indian weddings are known for being an explosion of colour, with the dress at the very heart of this.

According to Sonas Haute Couture, who have helped prepare thousands of brides for their big days, red is probably the most popular and traditional colour when it comes to Indian wedding dresses, but even within this, you can experiment with different shades.

Other popular colours include gold (for a lavish, glamorous look), blue, peach, or dresses with embroidered floral patterns too.

Whichever you decide to go with, it’s a good idea to try and incorporate a few different colours into the outfit to prevent it from looking monotone. Instead, try mixing and matching some different colours to add a bit of life to the outfit.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Of course, this is easier said than done. It is your big day after all, you only get one shot at it and all eyes are on you.

However, with so much going on and so much choice and freedom over your dress for the day, there is a tendency for brides to get a bit carried away and wind up going over the top with the dress, accessories, jewellery and makeup.

Sometimes, less can be more and a more minimal approach can look a lot more elegant. Also be sure not to get too caught up in what the latest trends supposedly are and try not to be too swayed by the opinions of friends and family.

Even though they mean well, having too many voices giving you their thoughts on your dress will probably only confuse your thinking, so try to make your own mind up.
For some more general tips for when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, check out these 25 tips from Weddings Abroad.

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