Tips For A Successful Career In Fashion

Tips For A Successful Career In Fashion

Fashion has got to be one of the most popular choices for young people when considering a career. Whether they want to be a designer, producer or any other role, it is an extremely tough industry to crack. Interest in the industry is huge so making a success of a career is difficult. Any opportunities you do get should be grabbed by the horns and below are some lifestyle tips to carve out a career in fashion.

Be Industrious

Many leading fashion houses hire interns at regular points throughout the year. Becoming an intern at a fashion brand doesn’t mean you get to lounge around looking glamorous, far from it. You need to work hard to get noticed and you need to keep your moans and groans to yourself if you want to be remembered. People will talk to you in ways that you may find demeaning but it is part of the intern role unfortunately and within a few weeks they will begin to remember your name and show you new elements of the industry. Interns rarely get involved with the juicy stuff so you need to absorb what you can and make the most of every second. A thick skin is essential.

The Power of Reliability

You may be jealous because a friend has a contact within a fashion recruitment agency but this isn’t the be all and end all. Knowing someone isn’t everything in fashion and in fact if you turn up, do your job and don’t complain it will pay off. Being reliable and consistent is often underrated and in time you will be recognised. You’ll be acknowledged and the people in the know will soon know exactly who you are.

Leave Facebook out of it

Many leading industry professionals do have accessible Facebook profiles or in fact the company might have a page which you can send messages to. Just don’t. Using Facebook for anything to do with your career is never a sensible move and you will either be ignored or when you apply formally your name will be remembered and looked over. Facebook is also renowned for its informality and this is not the way to approach any potential employer, the risk of saying something incorrectly or spelling errors is far too high. There are proper practices in place to get you into a firm and you should honor them.

Value your Ideas

The senior management and staff are your office won’t want you at their desks constantly with endless ideas but there is a place for them. Keep a record of everything that you think could be a good idea and consider which ones are actually worth passing on. It shows willing, interest and could help you stand out against other interns or junior employees.

A successful career in fashion has to start somewhere and these tips point out it starts with hard work, professionalism and creativity. Once you’ve got this cracked then you should see success coming your way.

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